Hôtel de Paris et de la Poste

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Hôtel de Paris et de la Poste

Hôtel de Paris et de la Poste - Hotel - Restaurant - Sens

Canonical house from 1776 to 1796 occupied by Canon Vaudricourt she became a coaching inn known as the Auberge de la Ville de Paris.

In 1806, coffee was join to the hotel is transported “Rue de la petite Bonne Vierge” In 1812, Dominique Louge, the founder of the inn, Sells it to François Théodore Beaudoin who in turn sells to Mr. Brochot. His wife, Ms. Dove held the hotel until 1848. The hotel is then taken by Mr. Hermann, who in turn sold it to Mr. Bourgenot.

The hotel will be plundered. Succeed Mr. Lemoine and his son, Mr. Dhonneur and Mr & Mrs Sandré.

In 1980 Mr. and Mrs. Godard redeem the hotel. It is in these places Who office Philippe "a 3rd generation Godard", performing a brilliant culinary tradition and innovation.

Odile Godard will seduce you with its hospitality.

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Monday - Saturday

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06:30 - 21:00


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97 rue République
89100 Sens